Holiday ship



We create the future with YOU in mind…

  • The Holiday Boat Sun Deck 60 catamaran is the world’s first 120-seater hydrogen passenger catamaran fully
  • adapted for disabled people.
  • modern design and forward-looking innovation.
  • technologies that were used in the manufacture and design equipment
  • is unprecedented in the industry.

Design innovation:

  • unique in its class, arched windows and windshields improve aerodynamics and significantly reduce the energy demand of the catamaran, especially in strong winds,
  • a design program for sports boats was used when designing the floats,
  • the interior of the ship’s cabin is finished with 100% ecological “healthy” materials: HPL TEEK (we do not use epoxy, polyester and
  • polystyrene, not ecological or emitting harmful chemical compounds),
  • UV lamps – instant disinfection of the catamaran at any time,
  • illuminated bar with amber mass positively energizing passengers,
  • designer idea of ​​using mirrors in the toilet (anti-claustrophobic).

Equipment innovation:

  • proprietary ISMA system – Intelligent Multi Point Administration System, – intelligent multi-level management system for media, energy and ship safety (multi-level access with coordinated and independent management of ship resources – captain, service and shipowner),
  • door automation with security systems (infrared sensors to prevent pinching, notification of open doors),
  • doors adapted for the disabled (no thresholds, 90 centimeters wide),
  • elevator to the sun deck for the elderly and the disabled,
  • toilet fully adapted for disabled people,
  • an innovative air conditioning and heating system (8 independent channels with over 50 points of cold or warm air emission, fully preventing the windows from fogging up and freezing),
  • about 200 meters of controlled RGB LED strips creating an unforgettable atmosphere during evening and night cruises,
  • professional sound system,
  • club and disco lighting.

HYDROGEN DRIVE – the zero – emission, green drive of the future:

  • hydrogen cells,
  • polymer batteries,
  • three brushless motors, without mechanical gears (without energy loss), placed in water (thanks to the installation of motors directly in the water, we prevent them from overheating and thus significantly increase their efficiency),
  • solar boost of the drive system,
  • BOW PRO thruster, the first on the market with motors and brushless BL type, adapted to continuous operation.